Lobby zone is the first place where the guests are welcomed. Therefore, it needs to show the best of hospitality hotel will offer during the stay. Banqueting part of hotel is a place to meet, learn and celebrate. Proper stage should be set for that.

Edelweiss Pianos


Edelweiss Pianos

Edelweiss self-playing pianos bring music to life. Pull up your music list, swipe to select your album, and watch as the keys magically come alive. Immerse yourself in live piano accompaniment as the music unfolds.

Greatly appreciating aesthetics and innovation in mass-production as well as in exclusive production for its customers and with its avant-gardist approach, today Evinoks possesses one of the widest range of production in its activity field of hotel and restaurant service equipment. With its wide scale of products including wooden/steel service trolleys, banquet chairs/tables and podiums, hot/cold buffet display units, hotel furniture and hygiene equipment, at present Evinoks is one of the leading companies of the world.