Products used in Spa zones and bathrooms should provide guests with feeling of freshness and relaxation. They also need to fulfill highest safety and hygiene standards while being accessible and usable for all the people. Therefore we work with Nofer, renown producer of bathroom equipment and Swimsuit Dryer, leading costume dryer producer.

NOFER is a Spanish company located in Barcelona, with more than 45 years of experience. Their designs and manufactures stainless steel bathroom accessories and furniture for public institutions. NOFER productsare made in Spain, with more than 1.000 available references. They are constantly innovating to give their clients the best solution to their needs, both when:
- Equipping new installations
- Renewing and maintaining existing installations

Swimsuit Dryer
Swimsuit Dryer

An essential part of any swimmers day, removing the need to carry wet costumes. In under 8 seconds, fast rotation removes up to 95% of water without heat.